August 30, 2019

Our Name Change


A lot has been happening over at (Facebook owned) Instagram lately and, with all the app changes, platform updates, and everchanging, ever-elusive algorithms that relentlessly come down the pipeline unexpectedly these days, Instagram forced us to think seriously about who we are as a business, what our business mission is, and who we really want to help.

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There’s much more to it but here are the basics about whey we changed our name this year…

As Instasurge, since 2014 we’ve helped 10,000+ people safely grow their Instagram following and engagement organically. Then, in June 2019 Instagram turned the Instagram world upside down as we know it.

Everything we knew about the app, everything we thought we knew about Instagram, and everything we believed about our business, our company mission and the clients we love to help was thrown into the wind.

Instagram automation as the world knew it prior to June 2019 it is dead. It’s no longer possible to tweak a few settings on a free app or buy a computer software bot to help get a few extra follows and some better engagement… it has even become almost impossible to find a reputable Instagram marketing company that is still able to provide legitimate automation that achieves truly productive results.

In 2014, the name described the service we provided, and until 2019, the name was befitting of the service we provided clients worldwide, but all this changed in JUne 2019, and that is why we chose to change our business name.

The name “Surge Doctor” better describes the work we do now; it's systematic, methodical, tedious, it requires intense research, and the science is constantly evolving... It has become surgical, and therefore “Doctor” seemed more fitting.

Only time will tell if we made the right choice, but we feel confident the time was right and it was the right thing for us to do.


August 28, 2019

Instagram Action Blocks

Instagram seems to be loosening up some of the changes and restrictions that have paralyzed Instagram marketers and negatively impacted countless millions of instagram users worldwide but don’t start celebrating yet. It seems the problems with Instagram are still far from over.

Our clients and users worldwide still report being randomly action blocked, sometimes for 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, even 48 hours and 72 hours, and we've heard some users have been action blocked for 30 days!

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We’re in a constant state of tug of war with Instagram app, platform and the algorithm systems that decide who & when to action block. We’re testing and tweaking every day to find that sweet spot where we can run automation for our client’s Instagram accounts at a speed it produces results, but that it's also low-key and responsible enough to keep Instagram off our/your back.

Who's Being Affected?

E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. Instagram so aggressively changed their platform, app and system algorithms in June 2019, the ripple affect has been felt by millions of professional users, Instagram marketers and by personal or recreational users around the globe and, if our conclusion regarding these changes is current, this won’t be changing for the better any time soon, at least not until Instagram has successfully brought down the BOT industry.

What Does This Mean For Our Clients?

Until Instagram releases their choke hold on the industry, our clients can expect to see Action Blocks often, they can expect to be inconvenienced by us trying to get codes from them, on regular basis as we reset their campaign settings and proxies, and clients can count on receiving warning emails from Instagram that reads: It appears your account has been compromised, or that you're using a 3rd party app to gain followers. This is a violation of our Terms of Service. Please change your password now to avoid having your account shut down."

Sure, there's risk, there has always been risk, but we believe it's highly unlikely Instagram will shut down any legitimate Instagram accounts or entirely stop all forms of automation. It's the bots and fake activity they are agressively trying to stop.


August 15, 2019

Instagram Action Blocks

Two months ago Instagram quietly released the most aggressive round of app, platform and algorithm changes yet in their history, leaving us and one billion other Instagram users and millions of Instagram marketers around the world wondering… “what the f**k happened?!”

Instagram’s response (or lack of) was as confusing as the changes they dropped on the world… They said absolutely nothing, not a peep, not one word… Total radio silence. Many of our Industry peers agree, Instagram purposely caused a storm on their platform in mid-June 2019, they don’t seem to care about the collateral damage it’s causing, and they've given no indication they plan to explain what happened or that they intend to fix it.

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Our development team has been working 24/7 in shifts since mid-June 2019 to find a solution. We’re confident we’re close to finding a 100% stable solution to overcome Instagram’s June 2019 app, platform and algorithm changes. Perhaps more importantly, we know why Instagram decided to make these drastic changes that crippled Instagram marketers and negatively impacted millions of Instagram users worldwide.


BOTS have been eroding the integrity of Instagram user’s engagement, stats and destroying authentic account activity levels since 2013. Instagram has been working hard to rid their platform of BOTS ever since, and judging by the collosal disruption they caused in June 2019, it’s clear Instagram is Hell bent on restoring the integrity of their app and the accuracy of the stats Instagram reports to users who use their app. The problem is, they were indiscriminate in how they made these changes, and this impacted personal users and legitimate businesses like Instasurge.

BOT 101.

An Instagram BOT is a software system running on offshore cloud servers that’s sole purpose is to create millions of fake Instagram accounts daily and to direct the accounts who to follow, whose stories to watch, and which user’s posts to like or comment on. BOT activity is malicious and harmful to Instagram and Instagram users alike. Although BOTS give users the immediate satisfaction of seeing new followers and likes, and the illusion of being “perceived” as popular because you magically have of 10’s of 1,000’s of new followers and 1,000’s of post likes overnight, the reality is, BOTS bring zero value to your Instagram. If you one of the people who fell for this, unfortunately your real followers will figure out you sold out your Instagram account and your account will likely be damaged to the point it may never recover.

Why Ever Use BOTS?

Most Instagram users are unaware they’re signing themselves up to destroy their account before it’s too late. It all about “instant gratification”. Think about it… what if someone told you they could get your Instagram account 500 - 500,000 new followers overnight, or in a couple days, and what if they could get any post you wanted, 1,000 - 2,000+ likes or comments overnight too… What if they promised they could do it for $45 - $75 monthly?

Would You Do It?

If you said yes, you’re not alone. Most of the world’s Instagram users care less about the integrity of their Instagram account and real engagement than they do about wanting the public to think they’re popular. Sadly, most Instagram users would sooner risk paying $45-$75 to be perceived as famous or popular on Instagram “TODAY” than to do their research and pay a little more to build an authentic following of real Instagram followers over time who are genuinely interested in their business, brand or blog using Instagram automation.

SecretSurge Is Not A BOT.

The process we use is explained in detail on our “The Process” page, but here’s a quick recap… SecretSurge collects relevant information about your exact target demographic from you, i.e., hashtags, keywords, competitors accounts, like businesses, age, gender, location, interests, hobbies, etc. We use that information to create a target user profile and we load the info into a sophisticated system that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to search the world looking for Instagram users and posts that match this exact criteria in the sea of billions of Instagram users and many billions of Instagram posts worldwide. Once these target users and posts are identified, the same sophisticated AI system switches to engage mode to replicate human behavior on Instagram, and we engage with the users and posts as though we are you, from your account.

How Is This Organic?

Instagram users who fit your exact target demographic will start seeing you follow and engage with their account and, just as you probably check to see who’s following, liking or commenting on your posts, many of these users will want to check out your profile to see who you are and what you do, and some will become authentic, engaged, loyal followers who bring value to your business, brand or blog’s Instagram account.

How This Affects You.

When Instagram decided to end all BOTS in mid-June 2019, the changes they deployed to their app, platform and algorithms not only stopped BOTS, but the changes caused a ripple effect of collateral damage that spread to all one billion plus Instagram users worldwide. Even personal users report being “action blocked” simply for using their app like usual, liking posts and following users… sometimes for weeks. We have even heard of users being action blocked months. Instagram so aggressively changed their app, system, platform and algorithms, that even every day users seem unable to use their account like before. Needless to say, our ability to automate Instagram activity for the 1.000’s of clients we help worldwide has also been affected.

Is There Any Good News?

Yes. We believe the aggressive actions Instagram took to solve the BOT problem are a temporary means to an end. We believe Instagram knew if they made it hard “enough” for BOTS to function, they could stop them or make them go away. ON THE CONTRARY, for (LEGITIMATE) businesses like Instasurge, that provide automation for clients managed by humans using sophisticated systems that utilize artificial Intelligence to create activity that mimics human behavior so closely, not even Instagram can figure it out, we see a golden opportunity for us to slow things down a little, to play nice with Instagram in the sand box, and we believe will be able to continue helping clients who know the difference between BOT activity and AUTOMATION, and care enough to pay a little more for it.