The Process


1. Locate

Using hashtags, keywords, geo locations, gender, age, interests and other relevant targeting information about your Instagram account demographic, our proprietary global search engine scans the world’s one billion plus Instagram user accounts looking for users, posts, and other details that meet this exact demographic criteria.

Users and posts that meet the qualifications are pulled and stored in our cloud system. This process repeats 24/7 as long as your campaign is live to ensure there are new targeted users and newly posted content that meets your criteria being added and updated to the cloud for your campaign.


2. Engage

Once these targeted users and posts are stored in the our cloud system, using sophisticated systems that utilize Artificial Intelligence to mimic human behavior on Instagram, we engage with these users and posts as though we are you.

We like some of their posts, we follow some users, we view their stories, we comment, and we unfollow the users over time to keep your original account followings (people you follow) at its original state. This is all part of the hourly/daily/monthly Instasurge cycle.

Depending on the size of your target demographic, and whether it’s local. regional, national or global, we can typically engage with 30,000 - 50,000+ Instagram users and 30,000 - 50,000 posts every month for your campaign.


3. Results

This consistent engagement with targeted users and posts creates curiosity among the Instagram users we’re engaging with, and curiosity leads many to investigate your Instagram account to figure out who you are and what you do.

Some users will become engaged followers of your business, brand or blog Instagram account, and some will become clients, customers, etc. Once you’ve made an organic connection with a new follower, the result is in your hands.

Even though you get a boost from sophisticated automation technology using highly advanced artificial intelligence to find and engage with targeted users, the results are 100% organic and the engagement is real.

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