COMMUNICATION: Failure to timely respond to Surge Doctor emails may result in campaign termination and forfeiture of payment with no refund.

PERMISSIONS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Your electronic signature on Surge Doctor forms grants Surge Doctor rights and privileges to access and market your Instagram account and acknowledges you accept these Terms Of Service.

SECURITY VERIFICATION: When we log into your Instagram account from your campaign IP or Proxy, Instagram may send you a security verification email or text with a 6-digit code. This is a normal. Please send it to us immediately as the code is valid for only 15 minutes.

OTHER SERVICES OR SOFTWARE: Running simultaneous marketing software, free trials or campaigns with another company like Surge Doctor will get your Instagram account action blocked, shadow banned or shut down permanently.

RESULTS: Results are proportionate to your targeting accuracy, quality of your posts and the level of engagement you have with your followers. If your targeting is local or regional, your rate of growth and engagement will be adversely affected.

VOIDED PERFORMANCE PROMISES: If you surreptitiously use another system, software or similar service while working with Surge Doctor, our performance promises and refund offers are forfeited and void.

REFUNDS: If you believe you are due a full or partial refund, submit your refund request to us in writing via email. Refund requests must be received before the last day of the month for which the campaign payment was made. No consideration will be given to full or partial refund requests, for multiple or past months, or for any other month than which the most recent campaign payment was tendered.

MARGIN FOR ERROR: We take great measures to mitigate any margin for error when targeting posts and users during your campaign. However, we cannot guarantee we will never engage with posts or users that you do not approve of. If you notice your campaign has followed, liked or engaged with a post or user you do not approve of, do not unfollow or unlike the post or user. Bring it to our attention so we can determine why it happened and we will adjust your campaign to hopefully avoid the same problem from occurring.

ALGORITHMS: Surge Doctor uses algorithm cycles. During your campaign, you may notice a rapid increase of activity and growth, and it may be steady and fast for a period. Other times there may be lulls, activity and growth may slow and there may be periods of no activity at all. This is normal. Try not to focus on the hourly/daily activity as it is the monthly results that we endeavor to deliver.

RISKS: Your electronic signature on Instasurge forms indicates you acknowledge and understand the inherent risks associated with Instagram marketing and that you agree to indemnify and hold Fuel Media Group LLC, dba Surge Doctor, harmless for any damages or losses you may suffer from any result or outcome, account blockages or account closure. If you’re not sure about Instagram’s Terms of Use, review them before starting your service with us: Instagram Terms of Use.

TRIAL DISCOUNTS: Over the term of your Trial we will enter, gather and track valuable data, and important algorithms are developed that affect the long-term results of your campaign. If you don't start a monthly campaign before your Trial ends, any discount or promotional pricing extended to you will be forfeited or voided.

PAYMENT: Unless you're on Auto-Pay, your payment agreement with Surge Doctor is month-to-month; there is no contract. Payments are due in advance for the month of service requested. Clients on Auto-Pay will be charged every 30 days until their campaign is canceled.

CANCELLATION: There is no requirement for you to notify us of your desire to cancel if you are paying monthly. Auto-Pay clients must provide 15-Day advance notice in writing via email. Accounts not canceled within the 15-day window will continue 30 additional days, then service and billing will cancel at the end of that 30 day cycle.

PAYMENT PRORATION: Your recurring payment anniversary date may/will be moved to either the 15th or 30th of the month depending on when you signed up. We do this to keep our billing dates uniform for all clients. This may result in your account receiving 1 – 14 days extra time at no charge.

DISCOUNTS: Clients using a promo code for discounted monthly pricing, or who enroll in recurring Auto-Pay to receive an additional discount on their campaign pricing, agree to enroll for a minimum 90-day campaign term. You may cancel at any time after 90-days.

PARTNERSHIPS: Surge Doctor relies on symbiotic global systems and cooperative software partnerships to keep our own software and systems updated and current. Frequent testing against partner systems worldwide allows us to track and compare our speed and results to ensure our performance standards. We will never share your private information, but stats from your campaign may be used or compared with other client’s stats, or partner’s clients stats to improve our service. Visit our Privacy Policy for more details.

Updated August 29, 2019