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Surge Doctor (formerly Instasurge) has been helping professional Instagram users worldwide increase their organic Instagram post engagement and overcome Instagram's algorithms to grow their Instagram following safely since 2014.

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  Excellent service and easy communication with the team. If you have a business or brand, this is a great service to connecting you with a larger audience....

Pierre C - Musician / Producer, USA

  We were not sure who to choose with so many options but we are happy we are happy with our choice. Our golf brand continues to grow awareness with their help...

Mathieu B - Golf Club Mfg, FRANCE

  I am very happy with this company. They help my Sonora Mexico restaurant and my Sonora Mexico touring account...

Eloy M - Restaurant Owner, MEXICO

  Thank you so much for helping me organically grow my page when I had no time to do it myself...

Justin M - Travel Blogger, USA

  Helped us hit the mark with our Instagram account with spot on targeting and results. Saved us so much time and energy...

Nigel M - Clothing Brand, UK

  We tried other services and were skeptical. This company proved themselves instantly, and helped grow our IG with perfectly targeted followers...

Sarah O - Fitness Blogger, CANADA

  Great way to increase followers, likes, and most importantly business.. Would recommend to anyone needing to get their crowd up!

Daniel S - Graphic Design, USA

  Great business and great help. We grew our clients in Spain, France and Italy...

Fernando M - Plastic Surgeon, SPAIN

  Wow! These guys are amazing. I was hesitant and they were patient. They delivered on every promise made...

Rachel M - Artist, USA

  They grew my following to 4x what it was! Loved their service and recommend it to my friends and family's businesses...

Ciera K - Photographer, USA

  Wonderful experience! Great customer service and even better results...

Zack H - Tech School, USA

Instagram, You


In mid-June 2019 the Instagram app, platform, and algorithms were changed so drastically it affected one billion Instagram users worldwide. The total collateral damage has yet to be realized but one thing is for sure, Instagram users worldwide are still dealing with the fallout today.

The changes were so profound, most companies in our industry were put out of business. We weren’t ready to throw in the towel on the business and clients we’ve built over the last five years so we went back to the drawing board and we built a better, more stealth, completely new system from the ground up!

Update On Instagram Changes…




Since 2013 millions of businesses, brands, bloggers and public figures worldwide have used Instagram automation to improve their organic engagement, growth and brand relevance safely.

Automation places the mundane daily tasks required to become relevant on Instagram into the qualified hands of sophisticated systems that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create natural activity between your Instagram account and perfectly targeted users.

More About Our Process…



  • *$110mth
  • Assigned Manager
  • **SHARED 4G Mobile Proxy
  • Stealth “AI” Engagement
  • Infinite Targeting Options
  • 50% OFF 1ST MONTH!
  • *Reflects 15% Discount
  • *$170mth
  • Assigned Manager
  • **DEDICATED 4G Mobile Proxy
  • Stealth “AI” Engagement
  • Infinite Targeting Options
  • 50% OFF 1ST MONTH!
  • *Reflects 15% Discount
  • 6 MONTH
  • *$780/$130mth
  • Assigned Manager
  • **DEDICATED 4G Mobile Proxy
  • Stealth “AI” Engagement
  • Infinite Targeting Options
  • *Reflects 35% Discount

Proxy Pros & Cons

**DEDICATED 4G MOBILE PROXY/SIM - More reliable, more stable, faster, less Instagram system messages, less reboots

**SHARED 4G MOBILE PROXY/SIM - Less reliable, less stable, slower, more system messages, more reboots


Why Only One Plan?

Our pricing and single campaign option (Pro Plan) reflects the state of our industry, the investment we pour back into improving our system and technology, and the quality of results our clients can expect to receive.

Do You Offer A Trial?

Yes. On approval, we offer verified, legitimate businesses, brands, bloggers and public figures 14-days no charge in their first month.

Is Surge Doctor Safe?

Yes, 100%. We're not doing anything for your Instagram account that you couldn't do yourself if you hired a social media team to help you with your Instagram, but we do it for a mere fraction of the cost.

What Is A BOT?

An Instagram BOT is a malicious software system running on offshore cloud servers thats sole purpose is to create millions of fake Instagram accounts daily and it directs the accounts who to follow, whose stories to watch, and which user’s posts to like or comment on. BOT activity is malicious and harmful to Instagram and Instagram users alike.

Is Surge Doctor A BOT?

No. The process we use is explained in detail on our Process page. It's a little more info than we can fit here, so use this link to learn the difference: Click Here

What Causes Growth?

Engagement. Once your target is defined we will engage with 30,000-50,000+ unique targeted Instagram users and posts monthly. This engagement generates organic awareness that promotes post activity & growth.

How Long Do I Do This?

We recommend 3 months (min). Consistent engagement with targeted Instagram users is currently the only way to overcome Instagram's algorithms and because Instagram has become so strict lately, it takes all of 90 days to get your campaign up to speed to see peak results.

How Do You Target Users?

We use demographic information about your business, brand or blog that you provide when you sign-up. Then we find users and posts that fit this exact criteria, and we engage with these accounts and posts as though we're you (from our system). For more information about the process, Click Here

Is This Organic Growth?

Yes, 100%. We're simply speeding up the process of finding and engaging with more targeted Instagram users than you could reach yourself. Whether a user follows you or engage with your account is up to them. Thereore, the result is 100% organic.

Can I Still Use Instagram?

You can use most features in the app, but we want to avoid getting action blocked at all costs. If you must use the "like" and "follow" feature on Instagram while working with us, let us know so we can adjust your campaign to accomodate for your activity.